Friday, April 13

1946 Chocolate Bit (Chip) Cookies

A year ago when I was visiting my uncle in Wisconsin I heard the best thing in the world, he was giving me my Grandmothers cookbook. It's a The "Women's Home Companion Cookbook" published in 1946. It has very interesting sections about how you are in charge of the nutrition for your family and you you can be the envy of all your friends by throwing a seamless dinner party.

Well since I got the cook book a year ago I've been meaning to cook something out of it, but with Pinterest taking all my time every time I cooked or baked something I didn't even think about looking in her cookbook. Finally a made a point and I choose to look for Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I settled on the chocolate bit cookies and was I happy I choose them. The cookies turned out very moist and utterly delicious. I think this will be my go to chocolate chip cookie from now on!

All the ingredients
Freshly Mixed
Fresh out of the oven goodness.
You can't have cookies without a glass of milk!

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