Wednesday, May 30

We are Engaged!

Sorry I've been away for a while but....... the title says it all!

Here's the story:
On Monday, April 30th David asked me out on a date Friday for BBQ at a local place we both love. Thinking nothing of it I said yes and looked forward to the tasty BBQ for the rest of the week. Well Friday rolls around and I'm sitting at my desk "working" when I get a call from the front desk saying that I have something up front. Thinking that it's some paperwork I have been expecting I walk up to the front desk and ask her who the flowers sitting on her desk are for. Surprisingly she says they are for me!

David has never sent me flowers at work and I was really surprised to get them. They were simple and came with a card that read "Surprise change of plans, so dress your best, I'll pick you up tonight at 7. I've taken care of the rest." So after texting my girlfriends, and chating with some friends at work I decided to go buy a new dress during lunch. I also decided to get my nails done after work "just-in-case".(I'm really glad I did those things)

At 7 on the dot (David is always an on-the-dot person) I get a call from David saying he's at my apartment. So I jump in the car and we're off. He takes me to a place in Houston called Brenner's on the Bayou. He says we are a little early for our reservation and asks if we want to walk around the property. So we do.At this point I decided that nothing was going to happen. He was way to calm and we were just acting our normal selves. Taking pictures and goofing around with each other. (I also kept getting my heals stuck in the side walk and that is not romantic.)

Finally we end up in the gazebo. We took a few more pictures there, then we stop and look at the restaurant. At this point David give's me a great big hug and then starts telling me how much he love's me and how much I mean to him, and how he wants to love me forever. (I am balling at this point). He then gets down on one knee and asks the words "Robyn Hanley will you marry me?"

Apparently I kept nodding my head for a while and then finally said YES!

After I finally calmed down I called my parents and my sister and told them the good news. We then went to dinner and had some amazing food. A couple next to us asked if we were recently engaged because of my smile and how I couldn't keep my eyes off of the ring. Then when we were leaving a waiter asked if we were the couple in the gazebo earlier, and told us congratulations. It was perfect night, and I couldn't have asked for a better man to be engaged too!

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