Tuesday, July 31

Craft Room Peg Board

Recently David and I moved into together. We found a really cute 3 bedroom, 2 bath rental house for a great price in a nice area of Houston. The best part about have 3 bedrooms, is that the third bedroom could be completely dedicated to an office/craft room! EEK! My very own space for crafting! I was so excited about that.

I really wanted to add some color to the room, but since the house is a rental I had to figure out something besides painting the walls.While racking my brain for ideas and browsing craft rooms on pinterest, I stumbled across peg boards.

What a great idea! You can spray paint them any color you want, and it also acts as decoration and a storage solution!

Supplies (from Home Depot)
Peg Board - $8.17 (24in x 48in)
Spray Paint - $3.87 (in Aqua)
Peg Board Hooks - $7.48 (The package I bought also comes with the things necessary to mount the board)

Total: $19.52 - You really can't beat that!!

Once you have your supplies you are ready to get started!

First find a large sheet or piece of card board to lay down so you don't have colored polka dots all over your lawn. I used a left over ikea box I saved for project's like these.

Now Spray Paint! I put on two coats of paint.

Next find an awesome fiance to help hang the peg board on the wall. Be sure to get the peg board on studs. You will be constantly adding weight to the peg board and you don't want it to fall on your head!

He is soo excited!
Finally, ACCESSORIZE! I still need to figure out what else I want to hang on the board, but for right now its a great start!

What interesting way's have you organized your craft room?

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  1. My craft room is a mess right now. My daughter has all of the things she needs to take back to scool in it. She has a lot of stuff! I like the peg board idea and I love the color you chose to paint it!


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