Tuesday, July 10

Will you be my Bridesmaid?

After I made the will you be my bridesmaid cards I realized that it just wasn’t enough. The girls mean so much to me and I really wanted to make them feel special. So I decided upon this:

I bought most of the supplies at Hobby Lobby. The whole project cost around $30, including the cards.

First I started with some paper mache boxes. They didn’t have 5 boxes in the same size, so two of the girls got oval boxes, the other 3 got square.

I then lined them with some tool in my wedding color. On top of that I placed a layer of tissue paper.

 Next came the fun part. Inside I placed:
                “Will you be my Bridesmaid?” Cards: To ask them the question.
    Ring Pop: Because I was asking them the big question.
                Tissues with their initial: Just in case they cried.
                Bubbles: To Celebrate with.

I then wrapped the tissue paper around all the gifts and tied the tool into a bow.

Next I found some adorable butterflies to top the gift with.

Finally put the top on the box and wrap with some more tool.

 Make sure you mark each of your boxes. I made that mistake and had to open all of them to see who the went to!!

Just so you know, all of my bridesmaid said yes!

How will you ask your bridesmaids?

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