Thursday, December 27

Eeek! Mice! - Chocolate Cherry Mice

Eeek! Mice! That is usually what is said when mice are around! But, not with these chocolate cherry mice. Usually its more like: "Awww they are soo cute" or "How did you make those."

My sister and I have been making these chocolate candy mice since I was in high school. I am not really sure where she got the idea, but we have been making them every Christmas since them. Even though we make them as Christmas mice, they would work well at any party or even Halloween

I still can't get over how cute these chocolate candy mice are.  They are really easy to make, and they always get rave reviews. They are fun to eat and taste oh so delicious.

The ingredients are simple; maraschino cherries with stems (body and tail), chocolate bark (body and glue), Hershey kisses (head), shaved almonds (ears) and white icing (eyes).

The first thing you have to do is rinse your cherries with water, and dry with a paper towel. Your chocolate will become lumpy and hard if it gets water in it. 

Next, I find it easiest to make an assembly line to create the mice. I unwrap all the Hershey kisses, and make stacks of shaved almonds. That way your chocolate won't harden why you are trying to put the mice together.

Finally, melt your chocolate and start assembling the mice. Dip the cherries in chocolate and place on parchment/wax paper. Attach a Hershey kiss as the head, attach two shaved almonds as ears, and pipe two eyes on with icing. Let dry.

Now grab a mouse by the tail, hang it over your mouth, and take a big bite!

 Chocolate Candy Mice

Chocolate Bark
Maraschino Cherries with Stems
Hershey Kisses
Shaved Almonds
White icing


1. Rinse cherries and pat dry with paper towels
2. Dip cherries in chocolate and set down on parchment or wax paper
3. Attach an unwrapped Hershey Kiss to the cherry opposite to the stem, as the head.
4. Attach two shaved almond as ears.
5. Pipe eyes onto the Hershey Kiss
6. Let harden and enjoy


  1. So cute, I have these mice posted on my blog! I love them, I put mine on a opened oreo cookie Fun project for did a great job........andi

  2. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful recipes with Full Plate Thursday in 2012. Wishing you and your family the very best in 2013.
    Happy New Year!
    Miz Helen


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