Wednesday, June 5

Wedding Photo Display: A Collection of Memories!

When David and I walked into our reception hall for the first time there was this long bar about 12 ft long. The venue had suggested that we put hors d'oeuvres on the table, but we were not sold on that idea. We had talked before about putting pictures from our parents and grandparents weddings somewhere at the reception, but the place was just so long.

Instantly we both had the same idea! Why not put pictures of ALL of our families weddings!

So we made a list of all the grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and siblings and realized we had 28 couples that we wanted to display! We contacted all of our family, and asked them to send us pictures from their wedding day. It took us a while to finally get everyone's picutres, but we did it!

Next, we collected old frames from our parents, and then supplied the rest of the frames from the dollar store.

After removing the glass and the stands, we spray painted the frames in our wedding colors. Shipley even tried to help!

(on a side note, my spray paint box is an old ikea box!)

We printed out pictures from walgreens, I kept looking for sale's online so we got them pretty cheap. Also, so nobody would be mad at why their picture was bigger than the others, this was the system we used:

Grandparents & Parents: 8x10
Aunts, Uncles, & Siblings: 5x7
Cousins: 4x6

Finally, I printed the names on card stock, cut them out with a paper punch and attached the name tags to the frames so everybody at the reception would know who the people were.

Honestly, it was my favorite decoration at the wedding! So many people kept commenting on how much fun it was to look at all the wedding pictures. It was also a nice way to show our family how much we look up to them, and how we want our marriage to be as happy as theirs.

1. What are some fun displays you have seen at weddings?


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