Friday, August 2

DIY - Wedding Thank You Cards

David and I did a really good at the thank you note game. We got about 95% of our thank yous out the door before the 1 month mark! I think that is really impressive. Those last ones were delayed by missing address or not knowing who the gift was from.

When I started looking at thank you notes I really wanted to get some printed that had pictures of the wedding, but after looking online, we really didn't want to pay that cost. So we made our own!

I found blank packs of folded cards at hobby lobby, a thank you stamp and some ink. We already had the Texas stamp with a heart. It was our wedding logo and we used it on various things at the wedding.We also included a 3x4 picture of us from the wedding.

With 40% off coupons from hobby lobby and the printed photos I think we spent $20 on 75 thank you cards (not including postage). That's alot better than the $0.50 to $1.00 per card we had seen online! Plus the cards really reflected our wedding, and from what we heard from friends and relatives, everybody loved them!

1. What did your thank you notes look like?

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