Sunday, September 26

Cake Decorating Class

To fill up some of my time during the summer I took a cake decorating class at the Michael's craft store. It was a Wilton: Decorating Basics class. I learned how to use all different types of tips, how to properly ice a cake, and how to level a cake. It was really alot of fun, and I recommend the class to anyone who wants to learn a little more about cake decorating.

I ended up decorating 2 cakes during the class. My first one, was a cupcake on a cake. It was my first cake, so its not perfect, but i really loved how it turned out.

He kinda looks like pac-man!
For the final class, we had to use all the skills we learned to make a full cake. I decided to make a cake for my boyfriend who works for the Travis County Democratic Party. The cake was themed accordingly and I was extremely proud of how it turned out. The cake was vanilla, with strawberry filling and vanilla butter cream icing.

I used a star mold to make the white chocolate stars

He was really happy with the cake!


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