Friday, December 28

Meet Shipley

Meet Shipley!! Shipley is our 2 yr old pup who we adopted from Citizens for Animal Protection on 10/17/12. She is 37 lbs and a mix of some sorts. It has been a new experience for the two of us, both bad and good. She has escaped out of our yard multiple times, tore up one of our doors in our house, escaped out of her kennel and has gotten sick multiple times. But, even with all that she has quickly gained a place in out hearts.

Her is a little bit about the dog that we love so much:

Shipley loves taking naps on her pillow.

She loves going on car rides
She had a fun time with the new pillow she got for Christmas.
Her first Christmas with her new Mommy and Daddy.
She was really excited for Santa to visit this year.
She also likes to sit on Daddy's lap while he is trying to work.

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