Monday, May 13

DIY Wedding Ring Holder

 When I was at the craft store the other day with my husband I stumbled across a small double frame. I thought it was adorable and would look awfully cute with some rings hanging in it. So I made my husband buy me the frame, and immediately went home to start working on the project.

I had some eyelet hooks at the house but no hooks. I took my handy needle nose pliers and made my own! With a quick snip I had the hooks I needed.

I then cut out some scrap book paper to fit in the openings. I choose orange and blue as those were our wedding colors, and why not have a small reminder! I taped the paper to the back of the frame.

Next was the easy part! I marked on the paper where I wanted the hooks and then started rotating the hooks until they were in "deep" enough. Once the hooks were in their spots. I put the back into the frame and that was it!

Super easy right? We have the ring holder on our shelf in the kitchen so anytime we are cooking or washing dishes I can hang my ring with out worrying about loosing it! There is also a spot for my husband's ring so he has no excuses to help with the dishes!

1. Do you ever take your wedding ring off?

2. Where do you like to keep your rings? 


  1. I love this. I've been looking for some kind of hook thing for my rings for in the bathroom. I usually only take my rings off when I sleep and shower. And I know hubby would like a nice place to put his ring since he can't wear it at work.

    1. Glad you like it! We've had our's near the sink for 10 months now and it is still holding up perfectly!

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